About this Web Site

This Website is nothing more than a collection of links to other excellent websites. These are the same bookmarks I use to navigate some excellent ham radio resources. There are many very smart people out there who have published some outstanding work and are willing to share it. None of this belongs to me or was developed by me. All credit belongs to the source authors. All I did was make it easier to find them via my bookmarks.

I have accumilated a collection of excellent technical, operational, topical and news/opinion articles that I have found valuable relative to my Amateur Radio Hobby. Some of these sites I use almost every day. Many are technical and scientific resources that help understand the hobby better and learn something new. Ham radio offers many different directions to pursue from SSB to Digital communications, from HF to Satellite communications, contesting, emergency services and many other things. There is a wealth of information available on all of these technologies and operational practices. This website simply consolidates many in one place for easy access like the bookmarks in your own browser.

Any pictures used on this web site are to the best of my knowledge public domain or are provided by the authors on thier websites and authorized for use by them.